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February offers to cheer you up!

Welcome FEBRUARY!! After what seems like a long winter, here are some fabulous offers to get you glowing!

The winter months can really take its toll on your skin. Extremes of temperature- going from indoor central heating into the cold winter air, dehydration, changes in diet - all contribute to a dull , lifeless, dehydrated complexion.

Dehydration can worsen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, combine this with the ageing process, reduced cell turnover and loss of collagen - and you may not be feeling your best.

✨SKINCARE is the foundation to optimal skin health. Two must - have products are an Active - such as Obagi Retinol and non-negotiable - an SPF to wear EVERY day, regardless of the weather. SPF is the easiest way to prevent damage to your skin from UV rays, and protect from environmental damage which accelerates ageing and pigmentation

✨PROFACIAL combines AquaPeeling, deep cleansing exfoliation with RadioFrequency, ION lifting and Ultrasound to infuse the hydrating mask.

✨POLYNUCLEOTIDE treatment is rapidly gaining popularity and is a gold standard in skin rejuvenation. Not a SkinBooster but a regenerative treatment that “activates” the healing and skin repair cells regenerating and restoring cell activity - resulting in healthy glowing skin.

Let us help you feel your best!

*offers subject to availability

*injectable offer is an introductory offer and subject to consultation and suitability

If you would like to book a consultation simply book via website, or for any questions - head to our Contact Us form

Kerry 🤍

📍47A Bancroft, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

📞 07391 079314

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