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Patient Journey

Fox Medical Aesthetics provide a comprehensive, safe clinical service every step of the way, in a relaxed, friendly and safe professional environment. Offering an initial consultation, bespoke treatment, review appointment and aftercare products and services, striving to provide the highest levels of patient care and service. Whether it’s a specific area of concern, or a particular treatment you have in mind, advise will be given on the best and most effective treatment options that are suitable for you.  Helping you make an informed decision, with no obligation to book a treatment following a consultation. 


Patient receiving a treatment at Fox Medical Aesthetics

A consultation will always be conducted prior to non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The consultation includes a comprehensive holistic and integrative medical assessment to ensure your safety and suitability for treatment. This is the first and most important step in your aesthetic journey ensuring that you receive the most appropriate treatment plan and care based on your desired end results. The consultation also provides an opportunity to understand your needs, answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.





Patient receiving injectable treatment

Individual care tailored to your unique requirements. I perform all injectable treatments myself. In-clinic professional treatments and homecare are available to improve skin health and skin conditions, restoring and enhancing your natural looks and appearance. Results are often not just skin deep, also helping increase your confidence and well-being.


Happy Patient at Fox Medical Aesthetics

Review appointments are offered following prescribed injectable medical treatments. This is to assess post-treatment results. 


I endeavour to ensure every patient receives the highest level of care and best possible results.  Following your appointment  you will be provided with written aftercare advice to refer to at home. I can also  prescribe skin care products, designed to be used at home, which will help increase healing, improve your skin and enhance your results.


I believe that your consultation, aftercare and follow up treatments are as important as the treatment itself, and you can always contact me should you have any questions following your appointment.

Important Stuff

As I only use medical grade products, and for your safety, we do not give certain treatments without a prior consultation, assessment and agreed treatment plan. Consultations and injectable aesthetic treatments will not be carried out on the same day.


This is important because it allows you time to reflect upon the information given to you, and consider your treatment plan. Your agreed treatment can be booked on completion of the consultation, and most importantly, you are happy to proceed.

ProFacial and some skin treatments are available to be booked online and do not require a consultation before the appointment.

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