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ProFacial at Fox Medical Aesthetics

ProFacial Fox Medical Aesthetics. This is an advanced deep skin cleansing hydration and nourishment, balancing and calming the skin.

Important to us and you.

The ProFacial Germany is manufactured by SHR Germany a world leading supplier of medical and cosmetic devices, providing training courses and certification for use. The ProFacial Germany has a new interface, stronger vacuum and more precise fluid delivery system, ensuring some of the most effective treatments of its type. 

ProFacial - The Science bit

The ProFacial combines intensive deep cleansing using 3-phase Aqua Peeling, to cleanse, exfoliate and extract impurities and dead skin cells whilst nourishing skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Radio frequency uses targeted heat to opens pores, stimulates blood circulation and accelerates metabolism.

Ion lifting, or iontophoresis, is used to stimulate skin tissue and improve skin elasticity, deeply infusing active ingredients The current also draws the toxins and waste products out, dilates the vessels, reduces congestion and stimulates healing and ongoing natural cleansing.

Ultrasound acts like a micro-massage. Microcirculation is stimulated and cellular activity is increased. The firming of the connective tissue is set in motion, whilst also supporting the purification process.


ProFacial Quick Guide

Primarliy a treatment for the face but it can also be used on the neck and hands affected by signs of aging or specific skin conditions. The treatment is suitable for men and women, offering aesthetic skin benefits for patients of all ages. The ProFacial effectively deep cleanses and unblock pores. Exfoliates, stimulating skin cell renewal. Deeply infuses active ingredients hydrating the skin and stimulates collagen, improving smoothness and elasticity for firmer younger looking skin.

Important Stuff

ProFacial treatments are suitable for all skin profiles. This treatment can be booked without the need for a consultation, although we would always advise getting in touch and speaking with a skincare professional prior to booking. This helps ensure the active ingredients in advanced treatments can be personalised for your skin profile. 

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