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Botox in Hitchin, Information on Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Fox Medical Aesthetics offer anti wrinkle treatments that smooths the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, preventing further deepening. We recommend you contact Fox Medical Aesthetics, a Platinum Save Face Accredited Clinic for information on Botox in Hitchin. Save Face are the UK's No.1 Government-Approved Register for Medical Aesthetic Treatments.

Meet Kerry Shergold, MSc, RN, INP: Your Medical Aesthetic Clinical Practitioner. 

I am passionate about achieving natural and subtle aesthetics for beautiful results.  I am an Advanced Clinical Practitioner with  25 years NHS experience, a registered Independent Nurse Prescriber (INP) and hold a Masters Degree (MSc) from Warwick Medical School. I have practiced medical aesthetics since 2012, studying Level 7 Aesthetic Medicine and Level 7 Cosmetic Dermatology at Harley Academy, London. I am proud to be a Platinum accredited member of Save Face, the UK’s premier Government Approved register for aesthetics treatments, ensuring the highest clinical standards and competence.  If you are considering Botox® in Hitchin, please contact us for advice and a no obligation consultation.

"I take pride in my Platinum Save Face accreditation and delivering the highest and safest standards of patient care. I am an advocate of optimising skin health and restorative and regenerative aesthetic treatments"


Patient Testimonials on Google & Save Face

I went to see Kerry a few weeks ago, for Botox and facial treatment. I was over the moon with my experience!
I felt very at ease and listened to in my appointment and the results were exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend Kerry!

Hannah J

You can find all our fantastic patient reviews for Botox in Hitchin on Google and Save Face

Fox Medical Aesthetics Clinic Treatment Chair for Botox in Hitchin
Fox Medical Aesthetics Clinic and office Desk
Fox Medical Aesthetics Clinic comfortable seated area inside the clinic room

Find Information about Safe, Regulated, Botox in Hitchin

Get in Touch if you have questions about Botox

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Ask a question about Botox

Thanks, your question is important to us and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Kerry

Before & After Botox® Treatment in Hitchin

Female Before and After Botox in Hitchin at Fox medical aesthetics.
Male Before and After Botox in Hitchin at Fox medical aesthetics.

Real patients with photos taken at maximum eyebrow elevation before and 30 days after treatment with Botox in Hitchin. Individual results may vary.

Anti Wrinkle - The Science bit

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and treated with prescribed botulinum toxin injection. This is more commonly known as Botox®. The effects of the toxin block signals from the nerves that move the muscles responsible for causing the wrinkles. This reduces wrinkles and static lines (lines present without expressions) and smooths the skin, whilst also helping to prevent them deepening. This treatment is less effective at treating deep lines and wrinkles but can be used in conjunction with other treatments to achieve desired results.

Important to us and you.

We only offer the highest quality FDA approved award winning injectables. Botox® is a prescription only medication. The consultation and treatments for Botox® in Hitchin at Fox Medical Aesthetics are carried out by an Independent Nurse Prescriber and medical aesthetic clinician. An individual prescription is written and provided for the treatment and a date for the treatment is arranged at the consultation.

Patient Journey

Fox Medical Aesthetics provide a comprehensive, safe clinical service every step of the way, in a relaxed, friendly and safe professional environment. Offering an initial consultation, bespoke treatment, review appointment and aftercare products and services, striving to provide the highest levels of patient care and service. Whether it’s a specific area of concern, or a particular treatment you have in mind, advise will be given on the best and most effective treatment options that are suitable for you.  Helping you make an informed decision, with no obligation to book a treatment following a consultation. 


Skin Analysis machine being used at Fox medical Aesthetics

A consultation will always be conducted prior to non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The consultation includes a comprehensive holistic and integrative medical assessment to ensure your safety and suitability for treatment. This is the first and most important step in your aesthetic journey ensuring that you receive the most appropriate treatment plan and care based on your desired end results. The consultation also provides an opportunity to understand your needs, answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.


Patient being injected with Botox in Hitchin at Fox Medical Aesthetics

Individual care tailored to your unique requirements. I perform all injectable treatments myself. In-clinic professional treatments and homecare are available to improve skin health and skin conditions, restoring and enhancing your natural looks and appearance. Results are often not just skin deep, also helping increase your confidence and well-being.


Client Review after Botox in Hitchin at Fox Medical Aesthetics in Hitchin

Review appointments are offered following prescribed injectable medical treatments. This is to assess post-treatment results. 

I endeavour to ensure every patient receives the highest level of care and best possible results.  Following your appointment  you will be provided with written aftercare advice to refer to at home. I can also  prescribe skin care products, designed to be used at home, which will help increase healing, improve your skin and enhance your results.

I believe that your consultation, aftercare and follow up treatments are as important as the treatment itself, and you can always contact me should you have any questions following your appointment.

Anti Wrinkle Quick Guide for Botox in Hitchin

The most popular areas treated with Botox are frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes. Additional advanced treatments include bunny lines, gummy smile, and a downturned mouth. Treatment is suitable for men and women over 22 years old.

PLIM Finance Logo

You can now pay with PLIM at Fox Medical Aesthetics. PLIM is a platform that offers interest free "Buy Now, Pay Later" credit services for treatments within selected medical aesthetics clinics.

PLIM is a form of credit, which may not be suitable for everyone. Paying via PLIM is subject to approval and may affect your credit score. See product terms for more details UK residents only. Over 18s Only.

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Thank you for sharing your journey with Fox Medical Aesthetics, Kerry

Frequently Asked Questions about Botox® in Hitchin

  • How much does an online consultation cost
    We are currently offering complementary online skin consultations. These last 15-30 minutes. If you are planning to book an in-clinic treatment you will receive a free complementary skin assessment and individualised skincare plan as part of the appointment. Alternatively you can book an an in-clinic skincare assessment for £50. It is entirely your choice as to which session to book yourself in for.
  • What is an online consultation and what happens during the video chat?
    Once you have secured your online appointment, you will receive a link that leads you to a virtual consultation room where your clinician will meet with you at your confirmed time slot. When you book an online skin consultation, you will be able to select time slots that work best for your schedule. The consultation can be as long or as short as desired. Even if you only have a few minutes, you can still quickly meet your clinician and receive a fully personalised skincare regime, delivered to your doorstep. An average consultation lasts for 30 minutes. During the consultation, we will gain an understanding your skin goals, your medical history and lifestyle preferences such as your budget and pace of life. Based on our professional assessment, we will send you a treatment plan consisting of medical grade skincare products. At your own option, you can purchase these products and have them delivered to your door, though there is zero obligation, the products will be there if or when you choose to use them.
  • How much do the products cost?
    Product prices vary and we will work within your budget. A cleanser that lasts for 4-6 months ranges between £15-40 and an active serum that lasts for 3-4 months ranges between £50-100. GetHarley have access to thousands of products and the we are not employed by any skincare brand, therefore our recommendations will be individual to you, while remaining unbiased and brand agnostic.
  • What is personalised skincare
    Skincare is not a one size fits all solution. Whether you have oily, dry, combination, sensitive, hyperpigmented, lighter or darker skin, we are here to help. We will assess and create a personalised and individual skincare plan tailored to your skin goals and concerns. GetHarley are proudly brand agnostic, which gives us the freedom to choose the brands and products we trust, so that your plan will be completely customised for you and your skin.
  • What does a personalised skincare plan consist of?
    Your Personalised Skincare Plan will include an entire skincare routine for the morning and the evening, recommended by us. This can include, but is not limited to, a cleanser, a serum, a moisturiser, a SPF, eye cream. We will select the products, that you will have the option to purchase, that satisfy your time needs, your budget and your skin needs and goals.
  • What skincare brands will you recommend?
    GetHarley stocks the brands the skincare specialists believe in and want to recommend. With over 500 medical grade skincare brands to choose from, we are able to curate a Personalised Skincare Plan for you with brands and products that you may have heard of and some that are only available through a qualified and experienced clinician and therefore, not readily available to purchase anywhere else. Some of these include Obagi, AlumierMD, Exuviance Professional, Neostrata, Epionce, Heliocare, Medik8, Meder, Skinbetter Science, Intradermology among others.
  • Is GetHarley a subscription service?
    GetHarley is not another digital subscription service selling a new dermabrand. Instead, following your professional skin health advice, it enables you to have well-known, clinically-proven, in-clinic-only brands, recommended specifically for you by a skincare professional, delivered to your door at any time you want. No obligation and no commitment to purchase anything, just purchase what you want, from the products in the skincare plan, when you need them.

Important Stuff

We need to let you know that a consultation is required before any injectable treatment and your treatment for Botox in Hitchin at Fox Medical Aesthetics will not be carried out on the same day. This is important because it allows you time to reflect upon the information given to you, and consider your treatment plan. We look forward to hearing from you soon

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